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Advantages of Reclaimed or Demolition Wood

custom_wood_panelReclaimed Wood has many benefits, both for any of your home/office projects and for the environment. Speaking of the environment, we can talk about all the environmental benefits of doing so, when you are re-using old wood, instead of killing trees to get new wood for furniture, panels, etc, but it is also worth noting how the wood grain in reclaimed wood is much denser, making it so much sturdier and more durable than flooring with wood from newer trees. There is depth and unique character found in older wood.

Reclaimed wood also just looks better than regular newer timber. The rings in reclaimed timber are wider than you’d find in newer ones. There will also be more knots and other interesting markings to give the wood an unique and charming character. And talking of character, reclaimed wood has a history and a narrative of its own and which also makes it special in its own way.

Now South Florida residents can enjoy all of these advantages, because Mahalo Wood is bringing them the best quality reclaimed wood there is in the market! Mahalo Wood can build beautifully designed reclaimed exotic wood panels for all customers, and make your home look even more beautiful!

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