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Trendy Reclaimed Wood Furniture

reclaimed woodMany woods from demolition processes are noble. Extinct or with natural extraction prohibited by law, these woods can only be used if they are reused from old buildings, hence the importance of not missing the opportunity to reuse this material. Highly resistant, woods such as Peroba Rosa, Ipe, Jacaranda among others can be transformed into durable and beautiful furniture.

Mindful of the environment and the need to invest in sustainable practices, some companies have been looking for raw materials for decoration designs. Demolition materials from old houses, shacks, buildings and old mansions, provide pieces such as doors, windows, logs and countless other structures that, with a little creativity, can become chairs, tables, benches, counters and other versatile and exclusive furniture.

In addition to being ecologically correct, the handcrafted pieces made from demolition woods give a special charm to the environments, making them cozy and visually pleasing. Using differentiated designs, designers tend to intervene as little as possible in the pieces, preserving the history and the marks that nature and time have printed on each wood, contributing to make unique colors, textures and grooves of each one of them. These details give a special charm to any project, which may even contain pieces of nails and other artifacts, left purposely, to create an innovative concept.

The tendency to use demolition wood in the creation of furniture and other projects began in the 70s, with the desire to take the rustic atmosphere to the residential environments, inspired by the robust furniture used in the decoration of farms. But whoever thinks that demolition wood can only be used in the creation of rustic or old-fashioned pieces is mistaken. With a good finish, these furniture can be inserted into the modern decor without regret in style. Creating a beautiful and unique contrast, these pieces give modern environments a sophisticated and bold look.

Using demolition wood in the decoration of environments still has another advantage: the possibility of numerous restorations. Check out some pictures of environments decorated with these stylish pieces and get inspired!

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