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The Combination of Rustic and Contemporary

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The use of demolition wood is a noble form of expression in the realization of an architectural project, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, since its objective of working the contrast between the old and the modern is highlighted, it results in beautiful works, with elegance and ecological responsibility.

Demolition wood can be used in a variety of ways in decorating, from wall panels, dining tables or coffee tables to small objects such as sculpted figurines. Nowadays this material has also been used a lot to give a more noble touch in the decorations.

Why Reclaimed Wood?

custom wall panelIf you’re an architect, fine home builder, cabinetmaker or rare woods purist, Mahalo Wood will give your next project exceptional beauty, strength and a captivating story that dates back 100 years. The allure that our reclaimed wood panels provide is beyond compare.

Our reclaimed wood products are all environmentally sound, created by recycling a resource used in a building years ago and is now ready to live again in your project. This reclaimed wood is “antique quality” that has not been available in any significant amount for almost a century. The reclaimed wood we offer displays a fineness of grain, pattern and density that woodworkers will instantly recognize as antique quality.

Trendy Reclaimed Wood Furniture

reclaimed woodMany woods from demolition processes are noble. Extinct or with natural extraction prohibited by law, these woods can only be used if they are reused from old buildings, hence the importance of not missing the opportunity to reuse this material. Highly resistant, woods such as Peroba Rosa, Ipe, Jacaranda among others can be transformed into durable and beautiful furniture.

Cumaru Exotic Wood Decking: Beauty and Versatility


Cumaru decking is a beautiful decking material that features striking grain characteristics and rich yellow-brown coloring. It is well known for its density and hardness, both factors in making it one of the most durable and desirable natural decking materials on the planet. It is also known as Brazilian Chestnut and Brazilian Teak, growing natively in Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, The Guianas, and Colombia.

We are an American Company that specializes in everything wood-related. From beautiful reclaimed wood panels for your home or office, through wood decking, barn doors and pergolas for your back yard.

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