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Exotic Wood Decking Installation in Weston

Discover the benefits of Exotic Wood Decking from Mahalo Wood and see why contractors, architects, and homeowners love the real, natural look of our exotic woods over composite decking material. Exotic wood requires very low maintenance and can last for many decades, so you can build your next deck in Weston knowing you’ve chosen genuine exotic hardwood that is proven to withstand pretty much anyone or anything.

Exotic Wood Deck in Weston

Mahalo Wood carries a number of products made of exotic woods that can be used on any Weston Wood Decking Installation. Our options will allow you to pick the exact color, look and feel for your next Weston wood decking project.

Here are some of the exotic woods we have available:

Ipe: An extremely dense, tight grained wood. Boards display a deep rich brown with some pieces displaying red and amber hues.
Ipe Exotic Wood Sample

Cumaru: Color variation includes honey to reddish brown with dark grain accents throughout the wood.
Cumaru Exotic Wood Sample

Tigerwood: Light golden brown to brown with irregular black and brown streaks.
Tigerwood Exotic Wood Sample

Massaranduba: Velvet red to dark reddish brown with straight grain and a fine texture. One side of the surface is anti-slip and the opposite surface is smooth for a more traditional look.
Massaranduba Exotic Wood Sample

Garapa: A fine-grained hardwood that has light yellow to warm golden hues.
Garapa Exotic Wood Sample

The Advantages of Exotic Wood Decking

You will have an eye-catching array of natural colors and patters on your decking, with ultra low maintenance matched with a lifetime durability that exceeds cedar, pine, redwood and any kind of synthetic decking. Also, the Exotic Hardwood has excellent performance of extreme climate variations, and it has a natural, chemical-free resistance to mold, decay and termites. And finally, of course, like all of Mahalo Wood’s products, it is sustainably harvested, preserving the natural woods of our planet.

Isn’t Exotic Wood Expensive?

No! Mahalo Wood offers to Weston residents a solution that is less expensive than PVC, capstock & composite decking, leaving you free of problems like peeling, excess mold spots, etc, reducing dramatically the costs of your decking in the long run.

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